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I just wanted to say, thank you for making such a wonderful software. Your support is truly amazing, Because I've never had such a fast reply. A very happy customer. Gregory

I bought Twins File Merger the other day because I needed it for my work. It saved me sooo much time and spared me all of that boring hand-work. Great! When I came home and installed the product on my own p.c. I found out that one could use it for audio too. Best buy for me in ages! Joseph

I have this old p.c. on the attic, a very old thing which I thought it was no good anymore. Well Twins Video Player brought the thing back to life. :) I use it now for my children to watch movies on. Who ever thought that...I certainly didn't. :) Mark

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  What is Twins WebNews?
 Twins WebNews is an RSS and ATOM reader.
 RSS and ATOM web feeds contain the
 content of a website, and are provided free-
 of-charge by thousands of websites around
 the world. Twins WebNews helps you find
 these web feeds, add them, and read their
 content the same way as you do when
 reading e-mail...  

 How does Twins WebNews work?  

 Twins WebNews is not just a regular
 newsreader! Twins WebNews completely
 changes the way you read news on the web.
 Visiting multiple sites, looking for news items
 you haven’t read, belongs to the past.
 Various Sort and Filter options help you find
 the items you want, and filter out those you
 don’t want.
 But, there’s more! Twins WebNews keeps all
 of your web feeds up-2-date in the
 background, using idle-bandwith. This
 ensures that you always have the latest
 news items available.
 You can also search for news items, and
 make news items “sticky” for further
 reference. If you have an MP3 player such
 as an IPod, you'll like the podcast features.
 Twins WebNews has a powerful, yet easy-
 to-use interface. The Quick Tutorial provided
 with Twins WebNews helps you getting
 started in no time.
 If you can read e-mail, then you can use
 Twins WebNews! Download a free trial
 right now and try it out yourself.

Before you download...

  Before you download...
 Operating System: Windows (All)
 Filesize: 1 MB
  Pick an option:
 Click here for a quick-tour.
 Click here to download a free trial!  Twins WebNews rss reader atom reader news reader rss and atom reader rss aggregator rss feed atom feed reader feed reader podcast ipod web feed

  Version: 1.0  
Downloads: Unknown
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